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bad jokes

i'm wondering if anyone would like to schedule a trail maintenance weekend
with me for the summer.  i think it would be great to meet some of you out
there, especially the class of 97ers.  i think it'll give us something
tangible on the trail to feel good about as we're hiking it as well as to
create some additional bonds to make actually arriving at springer and seeing
katahdyn (oh, boy, my spelling escapes me!-no one shoot!) that much easier.
 and, heck, i might even meet a now needed partner...(no self pity here,
don't worry).  i don't have much experience with trail maintenance...i've
done one up in the adirondacks but the tools, etc. were all there for us
thanks to a local group.  so, to get the ball rolling, i guess i should find
out a good place to meet for those interested and proceed by calling the
nearest chapter.  any suggestions would be welcome.
everyone have a good weekend.  
day is done, gone the sun (but not the snow--jeepers, enough!!)
alisa  formerly pooom, needing a change, how's scarlet sound?  (my last name
is o'hara)