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Re: birds on AT

  I was just in Phoenix.  The Hotel i stayed at had an herb garden on 
  the grounds that the restuarant staff had made, had a bench nice 
  place to relax, while I was there I was taken with the number of 
  birds singing and carrying on, definitely more than I am used to in 
  my suburb in Virginia, I think the comments are rigth about the 
  smaller song bird population on the AT.  Also in the last 6 months I 
  remember seeing a PBS special about the declining song bird 
  population on the east coast.  Not being a birder I can't comment 
  further on the phenomenon, due remember that scientists are no 
  perplexed by the cause.  Suggested that farmers not plough every 
  square inch of their land but leave small stands of trees on the 
  land for bird habitat.  Maybe more informed people on list who can 
  comment further.