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Re: Introducing myself

> to Katahdin starting early July finishing mid September.  Have several 
> years' experience as Konnarock crew member.  Hope other folks on the 
> list are putting sweat back into the trail.

Hey, that's a good thread.  Who all is signed up for trail crew work this
summer?  I've signed up for the southern crew (can't remember the name and 
haven't gotten confirmation yet.  Boy I need those dates to make sure it's
ok to get off of work...)  This will be my first work crew.  I figure I
use the trail around where I live enough that I should give something back 
to it.  Plus, I'll have a right to complain when I com across un-maintained
sections.  ;-)  Anyway, who else is volunteering this year?

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                                1872 Pratt Drive Suite 1200
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