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tent - again

hello all.

i'll be brief, for fear that if i'm on "stage" too long with another tent
comment, i may get egged.

JFK once said, " an error becomes a mistake when we fail to correct it."

well, i ended up buying the "sierra designs meteor light" instead of the
"moss stardome II." weight was not a big factor, but convenience, space and
need were. i don't need a 4 season tent. i wanted something that was quick
and easy to set up. the moss was a pain in the ass. its a high quality
tent, and i've heard great things about it. but it was difficult to set up,
and too small for 2 people and their thru-hike packs on a stormy night. so
i opted for the meteor. it is roomy, simple to set up, well ventilated and
has a few nice features about the rain-fly.

i'd be interested to hear from anyone that has this tent, and can comment
on its function and their experiences with it... both good and bad.

thanks and sorry for the false alarm,  :-))

Marcus B. Vitiello