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Re: Introduction

>I saw the video of Warren doyles 1990 expedition, I didn't realize he led one
>last year.  I was wondering if anyone had information on Warrens AT
>How often does he lead them?
>Is there a point of contact for information on the expeditions?
>Any information/opinions appreciated.

Russ -

Last I knew Warren Doyle was the director of the Hemlock Ovelook
Center at George Mason University and was running his Appalachian
Trail Institute there.   It's been a while since I called, but the phone
number I have listed is 703-830-9252.

I haven't heard any rumors about another expedition, but I'll ask
Warren when I see him at the ALDHA steering committee meeting
in 2 weeks.

One comment - someone mentioned Warren and motels in the same
sentence - I can assure you that that's an oxymoron.

Have a good day,