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Re: my trip


>       Perhaps it's a fad to some who start out from Springer but it
>       is certainly something special to those who make it past
>       Damascus. I'm not sure I'm going to find it more special than
>       the routes I've chosen for my bike trips but I will probably
>       find it no less so either.
>       What you wrote above is not too much to expect at all
>       (except the bear part, you may meet one but I'm not sure he'll
>       be nice!). You may also meet a few jerks, get SOAKED and cold
>       with rain (or sleet or snow) and have otherwise down moments
>       sometimes. But as you expect, the memories should ALL be good.
>       Just make sure you know which blackberries are the good ones.
>       A side note to you here Christeena, you said previously
>       you were from the midwest. I met a Christeena from Kansas a
>       few years ago. So while this is a one in a gazillion shot,
>       are you about 20 and from northeast Kansas? Also, when do
>       you plan to start out? I'm leaving on April 4th.
>						     --- Ron K ---
>                                                kessler@thunder.nws.noaa.gov

	i feel that you have to take the good things with the bad
because the experience wouldn't have as much value. i was also raised on wild
blackberries and raspberries and definitely know haow to tell good
ones from the bad ones!

	i am a christeena from the great lakes area. sorry. we have cows, 
	i am planning to leave in mid-april, like around the 15th.