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RE: AT Overuse - my .02c

>> I don't think a permit system is in the cards for the AT.  First, I'll =
>> bet the ATC personnel are just as rabid of individuals as most people =
>> and couples that complete the thruhike.  Second, how would it be =
>> enforced?  A bunch of AT policemen?  Third, I would fight against the =
>> permit option until all other options were fully explored.  I like the =
>> idea of the AT being kept up by volunteers that do it because it's =
>> there.

>Permits are already required for portions of the AT (SNP immediately
>springs to mind), and yes, there are AT police out there.  I know of at
>least one individual (not me :-) )who was awakened at 3am and brought
>before a local magistrate for the crime of camping in an unapproved
>site on the AT in New Jersey.

>Granted we're not talking about a unified police force patrolling the
>entire AT, but it's been a long time since one could hike the trail
>without running afoul of bureaucracy.


Jim:  When I wrote the above note, I had no idea that there were approved and unapproved camping sites on the AT.  Here in WV we have suggested camping sites but, not illegal sites.  Sheesh!  See, that's one of the things that I was talking about when I want to hike the AT.  I don't want to have to worry about where my next stop will be.  I want it to be as level as possible at the time so that I don't continually slip down into the feet of my bag.  Guess I'll just have to get used to some rules.

Thanks for the info.
Jeff McClintick

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