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Re: yet another request

>hi everyone--
>i hope i'm not being too much of a pest, but i have the AT bug so bad that
>it's all i think about.  i started composing a list of what i think i'll
>bring on my little journey...i'll have a partner and therefore will be
>sharing the weight of the tent, stove, etc.  what i would like to do, if at
>all possible, is to avoid carrying the infamous extra10#s that unseasoned
>thru-hikers start with and get it closer to right from the start.
>therefore, i would like to know if there are any experienced thru-hikers out
>there who would be willing to look at my list-in-the-making and determine
>what needs to be added/trashed.  it is hard for me to know what is a luxury
>and what is a necessity as most of my hiking experience is on long-weekend
>trips where just about any luxury can be hauled around.  i figure that if i
>get the list right sooner than later, not only will my weary body thank me,
>but purchasing the gear will be a bit less traumatic spaced out over the next
>year rather than maxing out the credit cards next february.
>if you wouldn't mind checking out my list you can email me off the list (to
>avoid clutter)...
>thank you in advance.  the advice from experienced thru-hikers is so
>valuable...the rest of us really appreciate it.

Hi pooombah,

I would love to see your list, and the responses you get. Its not a waste
of bandwidth!  Unless you think its too personal, please post it.  I'm
having the same problem--about what's really essential and what isn't, and
how in the heck you can get pack weight down to 30 lbs, even without food,
when the pack itself weighs 7 lbs!  I'd be really interested in what some
of the experienced folks think.

Please consider it,


PS I'm in the planning stages right now for 98--too soon to post my own
list for comments.

Lew and Catherine Middaugh