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RE: yet another request

Pooombah says:
>...avoid carrying the infamous extra10#s that unseasoned
>thru-hikers start with and get it closer to right from the start.

>therefore, i would like to know if there are any experienced thru-hikers out
>there who would be willing to look at my list-in-the-making and determine
>what needs to be added/trashed.....

I agree with Pooombah.  As a person who has been lurking and would like to thru-hike the trail upon retirement, I also would like to know what experienced thru-hikers used and did not use in their packs.  I would be most interested in hearing what items were thought to be indispensable at the outset only to be discarded later.  By the time I retire, my bones will need as much help as possible.

Jim Owen:  Keep up the marvelous discussions.  Your philosophy, outlook and experiences really add dimension and style to this list.  Thank you.

Jeff McClintick

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