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yet another request

hi everyone--
i hope i'm not being too much of a pest, but i have the AT bug so bad that
it's all i think about.  i started composing a list of what i think i'll
bring on my little journey...i'll have a partner and therefore will be
sharing the weight of the tent, stove, etc.  what i would like to do, if at
all possible, is to avoid carrying the infamous extra10#s that unseasoned
thru-hikers start with and get it closer to right from the start.

therefore, i would like to know if there are any experienced thru-hikers out
there who would be willing to look at my list-in-the-making and determine
what needs to be added/trashed.  it is hard for me to know what is a luxury
and what is a necessity as most of my hiking experience is on long-weekend
trips where just about any luxury can be hauled around.  i figure that if i
get the list right sooner than later, not only will my weary body thank me,
but purchasing the gear will be a bit less traumatic spaced out over the next
year rather than maxing out the credit cards next february.

if you wouldn't mind checking out my list you can email me off the list (to
avoid clutter)...
thank you in advance.  the advice from experienced thru-hikers is so
valuable...the rest of us really appreciate it.

and since everyone else has cool quotes, i'll add mine.....

             The marvelous richness of human experience 
             would lose something of rewarding joy if there 
             were no limitations to overcome.  The hilltop 
             hour would not be half so wonderful if there 
             were no dark valleys to traverse.
                                   --from Hellen Keller's 'My Religion'