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Re: dana designs

>hi everyone!
>went backpack shopping this weekend and spent hours loading them up and
>walking around in circles.  i was 'fitted' for a dana terraplane and of
>course fell in love with the pack.  to those of you who are familiar with
>dana and more specifically the terraplane, is the hefty price tag worth the
>returns?  when the salesman asked me to guess how much weight was in the
>pack, i guessed 20.  turned out there was 50.
>'nuff said?
>alisa  'pooombah'
>ga-->me '97

Alisa -

I rarely get into equipment discussions, but if I could make a suggestion -
Don't let the salesmen load the packs you're looking at with the standard
containers of sand.  It doesn't carry the same way your equipment will.
Instead, get all your backpacking gear together (everything you expect
to carry) and drag it into the shop.  Then you can load the packs with
your own gear and get a better feel for how the pack REALLY carries.

And you'll know if the pack is too big or small.  It doesn't help to get a
 6000 ci pack if you only need 5000 ci.  The bigger the pack, the more
it weighs (empty).   Most people don't think about it too much but if
your empty pack weight is 7# - that's 7# of your total pack weight.
And your total pack weight shouldn't be more than 25% of your body
weight for long distance hiking.  If you get a big pack, you'll fill it.  If
you get a small pack, you'll fill it - but you'll take what you need rather
than what you want.

Still didn't tell you what kind to get, did I?   I won't either.  I don't have
to carry it - you do.

Good luck
Jim Owen
Bald Eagle, AT-92