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Re: dehydrating food

Well I am a vegetarian myself and am into food drying. What kind of 
manual did you get with your dehydrator? Ours has some pretty useful info 
and some recipies. My faveourite thing to make however, are fruit 
leathers. I use any kinds of fruit I like (bannana's ,strawberries, kiwi 
etc) and blend them in a blender, sometimes adding honey or chopped nuts 
or coconut. Then I pour the mix over the little plastic tray for making 
fruit leathers, give it time to dry to the consistency I like, and voila! 
Perfect food!    
I would recomend that if you try dehydrating vegetables, that you stick 
away from vege's with a high water content, like carrots or celery. They 
are ok, but i found them to be very unappitizing.  If you like adding 
spice to your food, try drying peppers and onion and herbs and making 
some different mixes to add to any pre-packed hikers food you may intend 
to eat. Certainly adds to otherwise bland repetitive food.  
If you have any other questions or recipie requests, just say so......!
I can't believe I have raved for so long, but I have to mention my 
husband's dried apples!  He peels and cores apples, then slices them to 
about a quater inch or so, then simmers them in a solution of water with 
a little cinnamon, sugar and honey in them. (for about a half an hour) 
The dried results are sooo good! By themselves, in trail mix, in oatmeal, 
desserts etc etc, 
ok i have raved enough now, hope this helps!
Walkabout GE-->ME '94-->?

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Jim Bruton wrote:

> Would anyone be interested in contributing to a thread about food 
> dehydration? I recently bought a dehydrator, and find I don't know much 
> about how to proceed. Would anyone care to offer advise, experiences, 
> recepies, and so on? 
> Vegetarian stuff is what I'm particularly interested in. 
> Seems like I've got about three months to store up a lot of dry goodies. 
> Thanks in advance.