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Re: Pack Weight Revisited

At 03:48 AM 2/7/96 -0500, you wrote:

>A while ago you wrote about your pack that you made:

>I made my pack out of the lightest material I could. I actually made 2
>packs, and picked up the second one about 900 miles into the trip. I didn't
>think the maerials that I use would hold up that long and i was right. My
>empty pack weighs in at bout 20 oz
>Could you tell me (or the at-l) what you made it out of ?
2.4 oz ripstop nylon was the bag material. Most of the straps were 3/4inch

> --- Was it basically a duffle bag ?
No. It had a substantial belt (almost 1/3 of the wt) and had a rather
elaborate suspension system. I originally designed the pack for running, and
I had to minimize the bouncing.

>How much time was between each drop ?
I tried to shoot for about 100 miles (about 3 days) but due to the
wilderness nature of the PCT, and my aversion to leaving the trail to
resupply, I had several 150 mi/5day sections. My longest was in the Southern
part of the Sierras at 8 days. When I left that drop, I thought I was gonna
die, with an extra 18# of food and 2# of snow gear. I couldn't fit all the
stuff in the pack for 2 days, until I ate some of the food. I had to hang
stuff outside, which I normally didn't do.

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