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Re: 100 mi. in Maine

>Ronin & Sparrow --
>Welcome to the list!  This 100 mi. wilderness in Maine seems to be of
>interest to a few people on this list.  Where did you get maps?  Which
>maps/trailbooks  or sections of other trailbooks did you use?  

Talk about your fast replies! <<GRIN>>  

We just used the AT maps as well as the September 1992 issue of Backpacker
magazine.  It was well worth it, if you've got 2 weeks to get away that is.
The say that it can be done it 7 days, but somedays it's just too nice to

The beginning, from both directions, has nice warning signs about how if
you're inexperienced, in poor shape, or have less than 10 days of food, be
forewarned; a tad melodramatic.  If you do go, DEFINITELY stop at Shaw's
boarding house in Monson, all you can eat at the end of the trail is very
tempting indeed.
Happy Hiking,

             Sparrow and Ronin