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Re: 100 mi. in Maine

  Poohbear, Sparrow and Ronin,
	I really enjoyed the 100 mile wilderness section, all 140 miles 
of it! (I had to turn around after 20 miles when my dog hurt his leg & 
then went back on the trail after the vets)... On my hike, during which I 
got to see the entire progression of Fall from the first leaf turning to 
the last leaf falling on that section, I met a couple who took a float 
plane from Millinocket, Me. to lower Jo-Mary Lake so they could do a 
leisurely 40 mile backpack...I've always wanted to return to do that but, in 
the meantime, others who are looking for an enjoyable excursion might be 
interested in trying that combo...It is a great section of the Trail...
	Pat "the last menagerie", 81