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Re: Maildrop Question

>Anyone know how long a Post Office will hold a package for a thru-hiker?

It depends on the post office.  In general, I THINK most post offices
will hold a package for a thru-hiker for 30 days.  I know that some of the
smaller one, such as Montebello, VA, will hold them for much longer
than that.  Many of the postmasters in the small/little post offices
really take to heart how important it is for a thru-hiker to get mail/
supplies, and become concerned with someone does not show up.  I remember
in Pearisburg, VA (which is not small), they held open the post office
for me on a Saturday until I could get there to get an express mail
envelope.  However, other hikers (in 1994) mentioned that the postmaster
in Bastian, VA, was not too helpful.  In general, I would recommend you
not count on a package being held beyond 30 days.

Also, most post offices will remind thru hikers to do a change of address
form to forward mail to their next drop if they miss a package.

Hope this is somewhat helpful....