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RE: Maildrop Question

P.O.'s technically are supposed to hold packages for 10 days only. However, all
AT-ers will tell you that ALL of the trailside P.O.s will hold them longer,
esp. if you do what all the literature suggests: Print "Hold for AT Hiker" in
lower left corner, along with your projected ETA, as in ETA 10/31. This latter
is not done by all hikers, but several postmasters have indicated their
appreciation. What they hate is for hikers to send boxes and NEVER call for
them if they leave the trail for some reason. Also, it's considered poor form
to send food that can SPOIL while it sits waiting for you. The combination of
both of these conditions can make it rather unpleasant for any postmaster. On
the whole, you will not find a more helpful and supportive group than the
postmasters along the trail!! Enjoy your planning... it's one-third of the
trip. Maybe more...