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Re: Making a list and checking it twice

>I just re-subscribed to the AT list, I'm someone who is planing an April
>departure for a thru hike.  I have gone through a few of the books offered
>by ATC.  The lists of what to take seem a bit long or maybe my feeling is a
>little heavy.  Anyone have a list of basic equipment based on real life

When I thru-hiked in '92, we (my hiking partners & I) ended up mailing a
lot of extra stuff back. Basically, ignoring the basic backpack, sleeping
bag, footwear, and tent, we carried:

- 2 t-shirts
- 2 pairs of lined shorts (allowed us to skip underwear)
- thermal liners
- raingear (jacket & pants)
- 1 fleece (polarfleece/synchilla/whatever) pullover
- gaiters
- food
- stove & fuel (an MSR)
- water filter & 2 1-quart nalgene bottles
- 1 large pot (for 3 of us, so we also carried plastic spoons and bowls)
- therm-a-rest ultralite pad
- journal
- Thru-Hiker's Handbook
- Trail maps/guide for whatever section we were on
- Packtowel
- Grooming kit w/basic first aid supplies
- 50' nylon clothesline (for bearbagging, misc.)
- tevas for in-camp wear
- juggling clubs (no, I'm not kidding...)

When it was snowing and colder (i.e. the Smokies in March), we also carried
an 2 sets of an extra layer of warm stuff (lightweight turtleneck and light
nylon/cotton pants).

As far as clothing goes, this gave us one set to wear while hiking and the
other to keep reasonably dry in camp at night. Since we needed to wash
both, most of our trips to the laundromat were done wearing only our
raingear and washing everything else.

Sometimes we also carried ultralight am/fm radios (w/headphones) to listen
to while hiking (sometimes it can do a lot to distract you from the pain in
your legs and feet). Our first aid supplies involved lots of ibuprofen and
moleskin. I also carried a camera for the trip. The juggling clubs, were,
well, entertainment... and yes, all of us carried them.

Hope this helps.

-- Dennis

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