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To Jim Burton

To: Jim Burton

Thanks for the list of equipment it was a great help. If you have the time
to answer, I have a couple of more questions that your list brought to mind.

Was your windbreaker one of those rubber coated kind?  What about waterproof
pants or leggins?  The hypo thermia problem is something I overlooked,
thanks for the inof on the jacket.

I am trying to make up my mind about the Bivy Sack.  Bibler makes a 3lb.
tent but it's expensive and I have had some bad reports about it from
hikers.  I wondered about a hammoc tent made by LLBean, do you often get
caught on the balds, where I presume there are no trees to tie a hammoc to.  

How large was your cooking pot? Did you keep the light sleeping bag the
whole trip? Thanks for your time. Rich