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hello from Sheffield, Ma

As a new subscriber to the list, I thought that I say hello. I've been living
under the shadow of the AT for about twenty years and I was delighted to see
this mailing list appear. While I doubt that I'll ever be a thru hiker, at
least not for the next ten years or so (family obligations) I enjoy hearing
from those who do hike from Springer Mt. to Katahdin. 

Actually, the last time I was on the summit of Katahdin was Feb. 6, 1994. But
that's another story, for I didn't ascend the AT, only stood at it terminus
for about 20 seconds before I decided to walk down before the wind blew me
off.  :-)  

I hope to climb Katahdin again this February as well.

I'm looking forward to reading the news. 


Go Red Sox!!
Berkshire Online

Sheffield, Massachusetts
USA, Earth
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