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Re: Making a list and checking it twice

>>I just re-subscribed to the AT list, I'm someone who is planing an April
>>departure for a thru hike.  I have gone through a few of the books offered
>>by ATC.  The lists of what to take seem a bit long or maybe my feeling is a
>>little heavy.  Anyone have a list of basic equipment based on real life
>When I thru-hiked in '92, we (my hiking partners & I) ended up mailing a
>lot of extra stuff back. Basically, ignoring the basic backpack, sleeping
>bag, footwear, and tent, we carried:
>- 2 t-shirts
>- 2 pairs of lined shorts (allowed us to skip underwear)
>- thermal liners
>- raingear (jacket & pants)
>- 1 fleece (polarfleece/synchilla/whatever) pullover
>- gaiters
>- food
>- stove & fuel (an MSR)
>- water filter & 2 1-quart nalgene bottles
>- 1 large pot (for 3 of us, so we also carried plastic spoons and bowls)
>- therm-a-rest ultralite pad
>- journal
>- Thru-Hiker's Handbook
>- Trail maps/guide for whatever section we were on
>- Packtowel
>- Grooming kit w/basic first aid supplies
>- 50' nylon clothesline (for bearbagging, misc.)
>- tevas for in-camp wear
>- juggling clubs (no, I'm not kidding...)
>When it was snowing and colder (i.e. the Smokies in March), we also carried
>an 2 sets of an extra layer of warm stuff (lightweight turtleneck and light
>nylon/cotton pants).
>As far as clothing goes, this gave us one set to wear while hiking and the
>other to keep reasonably dry in camp at night. Since we needed to wash
>both, most of our trips to the laundromat were done wearing only our
>raingear and washing everything else.
>Sometimes we also carried ultralight am/fm radios (w/headphones) to listen
>to while hiking (sometimes it can do a lot to distract you from the pain in
>your legs and feet). Our first aid supplies involved lots of ibuprofen and
>moleskin. I also carried a camera for the trip. The juggling clubs, were,
>well, entertainment... and yes, all of us carried them.
>Hope this helps.
>-- Dennis


Thanks for taking the time to share your list with me. 
Though I am in fair physical shape I with all the Tylenal I think I'll need
I think I will invest in their stock.

You mention the trail books for whatever section you are hiking.  To tell
you the truth I was thinking about skipping them.  I have the hand book.  Do
you think all those guide books are really necessary? Rich
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