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Re: Introduction - Bruce Baird

> career.  When I retired over two years ago I wanted to thru-hike
> the AT, but my wife nixed that pretty fast when I told her it was
> going to take six months.

   Hmmm.....I'm due to retire in......26 years.  I want to hike the 
AT in the year 2021.   I guess I need to start planning my strategy 
now on how to convince my wife that a six-month stint on the AT is a 
good idea.  :-)

Be sure to keep us posted on your progress on the AT!   "Trip 
journals" are a great way for us to enjoy (vicariously) the AT 

   Barrington, Rhode Island

> I've always used a 40 deg. bag during my previous two trips.  Do
> you experienced Maine hikers think I need a 20 deg. bag for this
> hike?  Any other advice specific to this area would also be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks.
> Bruce Baird
> BruceBaird@aol.com>