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Introduction - Bruce Baird

Hi Everyone,

My name is Bruce Baird and I am brand new to this mailing list,
althought I have been a member of the AT Conference since April
1992.  I am a retired electrical engineer who worked on the NASA
Apollo, Space Shuttle, and Space Station program for most of my
career.  When I retired over two years ago I wanted to thru-hike
the AT, but my wife nixed that pretty fast when I told her it was
going to take six months. :-(  So, now I'm a section hiker doing
one two-week hike a year.  During the last two summers I have
completed the  Amicalola Falls Approach Trail and the AT from
Springer Mountain to Hot Springs, NC.  This year I decided to start
at Katahdin and go south to Monson and then North from the Kennebec
River to Monson.  I have already made my shuttle and lodging
arrangements with the Shaws in Monson.  I'm doing this from Aug. 21
to Sept. 3 and would like company even though I've always hiked

I've always used a 40 deg. bag during my previous two trips.  Do
you experienced Maine hikers think I need a 20 deg. bag for this
hike?  Any other advice specific to this area would also be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.

Bruce Baird