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Follow-up on A.T. "Hikers"

Sorry this isn't a hike report - but since it's not every day that the 
A.T. makes it into the headlines of the paper, I thought I'd post it 
here. The headline of yesterday's Hagerstown Morning Herald was " 
"Parents Located on Trail." (There was also a major story about it on the 
front page of the Metro section of the Washington Post.)

A maintenance worker at Pen-Mar Park told police that he thought 
he had recognized the couple that was being sought for having abandoned 
their 3 year old son at a mall in southern California.  They were 
arrested shortly thereafter without incident.

Apparently, they had changed their minds about hiking north to Maine, 
deciding that it was too late in the season to get there.  So after going 
a bit north into PA, they had turned around and were heading south.