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Re: Southern PA Suggestions


  You might want to try and head south from Pine Grove Furnance, the
"halfway" point of the AT, and try and make it to Quarry Gap Shelter(s),
about two miles outside of Caladonia State Park.  A somewhat nice area;
before Quarry Gap, it's pretty nice on top of the mountain coming down
to the shelter.  The Quarry Gap Shelter(s) were rebuilt last year, and
are very nice.  

  Another way is to head north from Tumbling Run Shelter(s), going to 
Caladonia.  It's interesting;  the section just south of Caladonia for
about 6 miles has you going over the tops of rocks on the ridgecrest,
then going on the shelf next to the ridgecrest, then back on the 
ridgecrest, then on the shelf.  Interesting, but depending on your
pack weight and heat/humidity, can get somewhat taxing.  If you go
this way, DON'T plan on getting water at Rocky Top Shelter, three
miles outside of Caladonia.  There isn't any, and if the sign/data
book says you can get water down a trail, that trail is about a mile,
and there generally isn't any water there.

Hope this is helpful...
                                   GA-->NJ '94

PS-- If you want to see the halfway point marker on the AT, at Pine
Grove Furnace State Park, go north on the Trail from the park.  You
will pass a lake, and then follow a gravelled path.  The trail will
then veer to the right up a jeep road;  about a half mile up this road,
after passing through a small field, you should see the marker. I'd say
its about 2 1/2 miles from the snack bar near the lake.