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Re: Tag hike

On Thu, 15 Jun 1995 appell@asu.edu wrote:

> > 
> > No.  The person in charge of info for the ATC is not at all keen on the 
> > idea of online stuff.
> Kathy, can you elaborate?  Do you know what exactly he/she is worried about?

I wouldn't say it's a matter of worrying about something.  More a matter 
of some people are excited by computers and the whole idea of the 
Internet and others are not.  I know lots of folks who just don't want to 
hear a thing about the Net, and of course  many who can no longer imagine 
life without it...   As I said before, I would imagine that down the road 
the ATC will probably  get their catalog online, but I certainly wouldn't 
hazard a guess as to when that might be.

On the topic of the memorial, it appears that none exists for the hikers 
who were killed at the Wapiti shelter in Virginia back in '81. 

 However there is one 
in Mass. for the 2 hikers who were killed in Pa. in '90.  It is also for 
an active outdoors person who was killed in a plane crash in Costa Rica 
on her way to observe rainforest damage that same year.  There's a story 
about this in the Sept./Oct. '91 AT News.

--Kathy Bilton