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I thought I'd make a little intro post.

When I was a kid, my family used to have a weekend cabin not too
far from Harpers Ferry.  Whenever we drove there, we'd see a sign
along Rt. 9 in Va. near Key's Gap marking the A.T. which stated
that it was a footpath which went from Maine to Georgia.  I don't
know why we never even investigated it.  I guess my parents just
weren't hiking-oriented.  And I guess I just accepted it as a given
(i.e. the fact that this trail existed) and didn't give it much
thought either.

Anyway, I now live in Maryland between 10-15 miles from several
access points to the A.T.  I've hiked all of Maryland at some time
or other. Of course, that's not much of a feat as there are only
about 40 miles of the trail in the state. In addition, I've hiked
bits and pieces in a number of other states and would like to see
more of it, especially that stretch near the Maine-N.H. border
which is reputed to be the hardest mile on the A.T. (namely the
Mahoosuc Notch.)  

Recent news story:  There was a story in the Hagerstown Morning
Herald a few days ago about a film being shot in Harpers Ferry
about the AT. (I assume they were shooting in a number of different
places, but the story wasn't clear about that.) I believe it will
be shown later this year on PBS as part of a series called
something like "Trailside."  I'm not sure if this is the same
series as one that has already covered some major world hiking
trails.  I only caught one about a major pilgrimage trail in
France, whose name escapes me.  

Also: those list members who are also ATC members should be seeing an
article about hiking resources on the Net in the next issue of the ATN. 
It includes mention of this mailing list.

--Kathy Bilton