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[at-l] Utah?--Capitol Reef

 Camped and hiked at Capitol Reef last September.  It's a beautiful, less crowded NP, with lots to explore.  Campground was full of deer.  The NPS maintains (and replants with old varieties of trees) the orchards there--plums, pears, peaches, cherries, apples.  If the fruit is ripe, visitors can go in and pick and pay at the honor box (scale there too).  It's terrific to have your hike snack be fruit you picked!  
We also did the ranger walk that started at the wall of petroglyphs and went up to a hidden arch; it was a good start for understanding the geology and history.  Fruita, the town that was there, was a Mormon settlement that supplied a lot of fresh fruit to the Utah settlers.
If you want a GREAT restaurant meal, drive west (20 miles?) to Torrey and eat at Cafe Diablo--fabulous cuisine.  You know it's gonna be good when you enter by walking through their herb garden.  
There are some great hikes within the park, both short and long.
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>>Spirit Eagle will NOT be going to Trail Days -
instead >>we'll be hiking in 
>>southern Utah.


Just as a heads up, there has been much flooding in
parts of Utah lately, many of the canyons have much
debris and flooding.

There was a recent S&R of two people who dies of
hypothermia in the Escalante area.

Was planning to go myself over Mem. Day weekend to
this area, but some of my friends are now a bit more
hesitant to go there. So we are going to Capital Reef
NP instead.

No trail days for me in any case...

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