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[at-l] "Externality": Withouttaoutterternality

Or maybe "withinanouternality"?  Anyway, the stream could be anywhere there were Indians (excuse me, Native Americans) to name it.  I personally like the Tombigbee.  Apropos to you, no?  ;-)  

### I'm thinking more like a "withinternality" becoming a
"withoutternality." Or mebbe it's "withouttaoutterternality."
Yeahhhhh, that's it. (Reads like a stream in Maine, no? 
"Daddy? Is this the Withouttaoutterternality River?"
"Why yes it is, son."
"Daddy? Whuz "Withouttaoutterternality" mean?"
"Why sonnyboy, it's Abenaki for 'nekkid.'"

--- Lilla Thompson <lthompson@hollins.edu> wrote:
> Kind of an "internality"?  ;-)
> >your activity (be it smoking, phone use,
> > playing your radio without headphones, strolling the trail
> > without clothes ("well you don't have to looooook!") has
> degrees of external effect on those around you. 
> Nakedness is a state of being, not an activity.
> Shane