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[at-l] Hyponatremia

Ladies and gentlemen,

Here's a url for an article in Runner's World about the subject:

I think you'd really have to be over cautious and drinking a lot more than 
your body's calling for to succumb.  It has amazed me the number of folks 
that cannot seem to be without their water bottle doing just simple 
things.  Perhaps its a case of folks listening to what's the hot topic and 
deciding if a little is good, a lot may be better( well I can think of one 
or 2 things where that is definitely true >:-} ) and just over drink.  Ever 
seen someone in a  store with a water bottle?
I run a lot and have done several marathons and unless I'm running over a 
1/2 marathon (13.1m) I avoid ingesting fluids, unless its very hot. I know 
we are all different and what works for me may not work for the next 
person, but years ago can you remember all the activities you did and drank 
when you got thirsty?  How many folks did you know that had medical 
problems because of not enough water!

My 2-3 4-may 6 cents worth!