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[at-l] mil-spec

>>Well, mil-spec is mil-spec.  My jump boots have put
up >>with more then any other pair of footwear I have
ever >>owned.

Except there is a very old tradition: Get the gov't
contract, use some parts that aren't exactly up to mil
spec standard. Heck..govt contracts in general! 

Sure the Romans had armor made with parts that  was
not up to originally asked for specs. No doubt there
was lobbyists in togas telling the Senators "We just
need  to have to newest invention in javelins." :)

Dad works for a well know contractor who happens to
make subs. Based on some stories he told, it is safe
to say the tradition continues... ;-)

FWIW: Did say military boots were durable...probably
just not the best for hiking. YMMV (literally :D)

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