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[at-l] >Buddhists have nuns too.

In a message dated 4/14/2005 7:44:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
janl2@mindspring.com writes:

>Buddhists have nuns too.
>> I'm not sure if  they carry wooden rulers...

Zen sticks?
To whack you when  you fall asleep during meditation?

Sounds like a few of the snarly  hounds here could use a few good 
whacks as  well.

Whack! The stick cracked against my back.  It was not unexpected, for  I had 
volunteered to experience the whack.  
The Zen Leader had asked if there were any in the class who would like to  
have their backs relieved from tension as we sat for a lesson in Sitting  
Meditation.  She explained that the hit on the back with the stick was not  a 
punishment but an aid to concentration for sitting still, often caused the  muscles 
to tense up and become painful.  The whack on the back released the  tension 
and brought relief.  So I had volunteered. 
Sometimes what we see is not what it seems to be.  Little children who  were 
witnessing our class and saw the Zen Leader whack the backs of those who  
volunteered, gasped and even cringed, but those of us who were whacked found  
relief.  It looked so painful but it felt so good.
Keep Hiking!