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[at-l] how do I post without causing a fight

Robert wrote:

>> I guess my question is simply: How do I avoid starting a fight and 
>> still get a question answered?
Come to <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackingTalk/> and join the 
group called backpacking talk.  Over there, we don't care if you like to 
hike naked with a pistol strapped to your butt, a cell phone taped to 
your head, and think it would be fun to read both Wingfoot and Bill 
Bryson's books.

In all seriousness,  you pretty much have to hit the "Del" key a lot, 
but if you just post a note here with the word "Question" in the 
subject, then write your question, you will eventually get some answers. 
Of course, you can do what I said above and ask all the questions you 
want and you won't get beat up about any of them.

Good luck!