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[at-l] how do I post without causing a fight

What a wonderful question.

Probably, you will have to read between the lines and the person to person 
histories of those on the list. The advice you receive is freely given, 
often worth nothing but frequently invaluable.

Over the history of this list, there have been memorable flame wars over 
mundane objects such as umbrellas, Gator Ade, dogs, cell phones, guns, 
monkeys, beans and ropes. We even have the occasional battle over the 
Gospel according to Benton MacKaye, and the unworthiness of common hikers 
and non-thruhikers to possibly understand or appreciate the trail that the 
heathens profess to love.

This is the way of the Internet List Serv. Occasionally, it results in 
excessive noise and a lack of any real information getting through. No 
ListServ theme is immune to this, as I've seen on some VW, medical, 
psychiatric and other lists.

Actually, it is the newbies' questions that usually get the list back to 
reality and usefulness.

Please save AT-L by posing the questions that you have, and offering the 
observations that you gain.


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