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[at-l] Backpacks on Ebay?

5200 CI is quite huge for a backpack. It is probably
much more than you need and probably much heavier than
you need.

Many backpacks, esp. the larger ones, do not fit women
that well initially (many gear manufacturers ar
learning that not every person on the planet has broad
shoulders and narrow hips!). You will most definitely
want to go to place that knows what they are doing so
you can get the proper fit for a pack.

I honestly think the backpack should be the LAST piece
of equipment you buy. Only when you have your basic
gear will you know what you really need for a pack. 
Once you get your shelter, sleeping bag, pad, stove,
cookset, clothing,etc. then you should get the pack.

Sgt. Rock, a 1st Sgt in the Army and an  avid
backpacker, has on Whiteblaze.net "the $300
challenge", some great suggestion on how to equip
yourself (and lightly) w/o really breaking the bank:

On that note...maybe we should come up with our own
$300 challenge. A way to equip Victoria from skin out
w/o breaking her bank account? I'll post my list
tomorrow...I have to get going. :D

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