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[at-l] Backpacks on Ebay?

I don't have experience with this brand but I did buy a "Bagmax" generic 
brand a year ago off ebay and took it for a few nights on the trail. It 
looks very similar to this brand. It did its job alright, but the 
clips/snaps had some problems with getting stuck, and I think one of the 
plastic thing-a-majigs (the thing the slide with the straps to sinch it 
down) broke. Not to mention I get jabs from my friends about my awesome 
Bagmax brand bag. It also was rough on my shoulders but I'm not sure if 
thats because I don't do enough hiking with a pack or the actual design 
of the pack.

If I were doing it again I would have spent $20 more and gotten a used 
name-brand bag. But if you are on a budget it will do for a few days - 
but I don't think it would last a thru-hike.


Victoria Roush wrote:

>Has anyone had experience with this brand of packs? 
>They're super cheap, but look pretty good.  My budget
>is very tight, so if one of these would work, it would
>be great for me.  What do y'all think?