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[at-l] Newbe Question. Cellphone coverage

> Welcome to the list, Jason. Cell Phones tend to be  one of those 
> topics that
> elicit rage from some quarters, particularly  those able to detect 
> your cell
> phone, hidden away in your pack, turned  off, yet somehow ruining their
> personal sense of wildness.
10 years ago I would agree that someone else's cellphone might, 
somehow, have some sort of measurable impact on my hike but today with 
mortgages, wife, dogs, a business to worry about, etc. a cell phone 
with an extended battery is something I have already accounted for in 
my pack weight.  If I can only make phone calls from mountain tops and 
towns, so be it.  At least I'll be able to call home if I want to.

Of course I'll try not to offend any fellow hikers on my hike but, as 
I've read many times, hike your own hike.