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[at-l] Money (The best things in life are free but........)

No, No, NO to the roll of quarters!  Of course, they do make a $5 roll, but many phones will take a debit card, nowadays.  I misunderstood the instructions in whatever I'd read before our first hike, and I pulled a roll of quarters out at the laundromat.  My hiking partner laughed for a week.  

You can get change in machines at the laundromat.  In fact, look around the laundromat before you buy detergent.  Especially look in the trash.  My hiking partner and I have found enough detergent left in bottles and boxes (or even a huge pile on the floor one day that we could scoop enough off of the top) that we could do our laundry without spending money on that.  

At most, a phone will need only 35?.  Don't carry all those quarters.  And Saunterer's suggestion of a pre-paid phone card is right "on the money".  A plastic re-loadable phone card weighs nothing much.