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[at-l] No Subject (Improvise is what you learn to do)

>SO Felix where did you write down Jan's Birthdate?  She said you 
>>told her offlist.  
> I used a trick I learned a few years ago when I lived at a nudist 
> colony... There's NO place to carry a pad of paper when you live in a 
> nudist colony...and, only one place to carry a pen.  (behind your ear) 
> So, you learn to improvise. Improvise is what you learn to do. Of the 
> things you do, learning to improvise is one.  I once accidentally sent 
> my grandmother Jan's fone number...

That would account for that perplexing phone call of last week :
"Sonny, where'd I leave ma teef?"

Which reminds of a bad song by Southern Culture On The Skids...

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