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[at-l] Re: at-l Exotic meats (was Oh My!)

I used to make scrapple with left-over roast meats and cornmeal.  Barley is 
also used in that favorite of Scottish dishes, haggis.

From: "Shelly Hale" <shellydhale@earthlink.net>

Scrapple- http://www.berksweb.com/pam/scrapple.html
Ingredients- 4 lbs. fresh shoulder, 2 lbs. fresh side, 3 lbs. pork liver, 2 
lbs pearl barley (may substitute medium barley), 1 lb. steel cut oats (may 
substitute old fashioned oats), 5 T. salt, 8 t. coarse cracked pepper, Water 
as needed

How prepared- Boil each meat separately until done. Remove meats from 
liquids. Discard liver broth. Grind meats and put all in broth from shoulder 
and side.  Combine ground meat, broth and remaining ingredients. Cook until 
barley is done and mixture is heavy. Water may need to be added