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[at-l] Duct Tape

Steve write:

>> Reference your post, dated 04-02-05, advising "Bleeding from a gash or scrape
is easily stopped with duct tape."
> I have read, the adhesive on Duct Tape tends to cause infection. You may wish
to avoid unnecessary contact with blood and open blisters.

I have never heard duct tape's adhesive can cause infection. Some people
have a reaction to the adhesive. I'd guess the infection comes from junk
captured inside the wound. I have long taught that duct tape can be used
over hot spots and blisters. The trick is to use a piece of tissue over the
blister so the tape and it's adhesive does not come in contact with the open
skin. Taping right on top of a blister can cause the skin to pull off the
top when removing the tape. Duct tape does not breathe so that too can cause
a reaction on the skin. There are better tapes to use on our feet.

That said, I would not hesitate to use duct tape if I cut myself and needed
to hold the skin sides together. Of course, I'd make a figure 8 with the
narrowest part of the tape over the wound.

John Vonhof
Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes, 3rd edition
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