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[at-l] A hiker that could use some encouragement...

Hello everyone!


Many of you may know of Longhaul from the list and from the PA ruck.  (He was one of the guys that was tuckerized by Mara.and
survived.  LOL)  Well, he's had a bit of trouble out of his right knee and is holed up in the Microtel in Robbinsville, NC.  While
even though his hiking buddies are taking a zero day or two due to the snow in GSMNP, Longhaul is kinda bummed out not to be going
on with them right now.


His plan is to take about a week off the trail and then head up to Davenport to meet back up with his hiking buddies.  When they
reach the Shenandoah he plans on coming back to get the GSMNP as he has already section hiked the Shenandoah and then meet back up
with them on the other end of it.  


If you guys get the chance, I think it'd be really great to give him some reading material.  You can email him at


Here is the addy for his trail journal.  You can also sign his guest registry there with encouraging words.




Tenacious Tanasi

   (Shelly Hale)