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[at-l] Duck tape info....

Have you guys seen this website?!  It's hilarious.  




Check out some of their uses for duck tape for the great outdoors..



14. Missing your tent ropes? Just pull off the appropriate measure of duct tape and fold it over on to itself and you've got
yourself new, stronger ropes.

15. Tent post bust? Duct tape and a stick make a great tent post splint.
16. Sprained ankle? Duct tape and a stick make a great splint.
17. Fillet your fish the easy way: 1. Cut fish in half. 2. Duct tape over bones. 3. Rip tape to remove bones. 4. Like sushi? Eat.
Don't like sushi? Cook and eat.
18. Run out of bait? Make little silvery "minnows" out of duct tape. We sure are attracted to it, fish should be too.
19. Tired of dressing like every other guy in the woods? Use DuckR brand camo and X-tremeT blaze orange tape to come up with your
own hunting apparel. It's durable, and waterproof!

21. Pack light! One pair of underwear covered in duct tape will last two to three weeks. It's wipe and wear!

23. Duct tape is canoe repair on a roll. Just slap a piece on each side of the hole and you're good to go!
24. Mosquitoes getting the best of you? They can smell you (and they certainly can't bite you) if you cover yourself entirely in
duct tape. (You will have 100% UV protection, too.)

26. Make your paper plates last longer: Cover them in duct tape.
27. Prevent the bears from running off with your food by duct taping your backpack to a tree limb.
28. Bunk buddy snoring keeping you awake? Duct tape (either over his mouth, or your ears).
29. Hiking in ill-fitting shoes can really bring on the blisters unless you give your sensitive areas an extra layer of "duct tape
30. Bleeding from a gash or scrape is easily stopped with duct tape. It's suture on a roll.

31. Are your waders getting a little too fragrant? Put a strip of duct tape under your nose.


What's a bizarre.er, innovative way  you've used duck tape while hiking?



Tenacious Tanasi

   (Shelly Hale)