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[at-l] Hikin Song

It rains it snows, I can't win.
I ain't got no job, I'm living in sin.
No home, no work, good god I'm thin.
Walking, hiking, wait! What state am I in?

Mountains valleys, ramen and stink,
What am I doing?  I need a shrink!
Shittin' in the woods and bathing in streams.
And to think this is my ultimate dream

Dreaming of icecream burgers and steaks,
A healthy portion of will it takes,
To get up and over that moutain ahead,
Will I ever lay down on a comfy bed?

I see a town just over there!
But! my god, there's a bear
I think I'll sit and enjoy it's view
This is better than any town stew.

Flowers, trees, no cell phones,
A real nice fire started with pine cones
A full moon, up above
Hello world, I think I'm in love

Keep your cars and your busy streets,
And the roof over you head and nice clean sheets
I think I'll stay right where I be
Amongst the trees, wild and free.

Rocky top, you'll always be,
Home sweet home to me,
Good Old Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee.