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[at-l] Hikin Song

Another verse....

Climbin' upward to that peak,
Not for the timid or the meek,
Once at the top we'll see the views,
Ain't sufferin' from no work place blues 

Noodles bubbling in the pot,
Realizin' I'm of a lucky lot,
Laying there looking at that lazy moon,
And listening to that faraway loon.

Take it away....


Ok, ok... I'll keep my day job.... Fer now anyway....

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Ok, you asked for it!
Off in the woods and there we go,
Up and down,  rain, and snow
We never quit and never say die,
Just keep hiking as long as there's a sky

Now a verse.
A shelter down the line
So don't trip over that ol vine
We'll be there fore we know
So lets get moving, not too slow.


At 06:34 PM 11/5/2004, you wrote:
>I need help, I want to write a hikin song.  THe first verse goe
>Chalk on the side walk
>White blaze on a tree
>Hiker stink
>Does it for me.
>  I need a chorus and a second verse.
>Grey Owl
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