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--- greyowl@rcn.com wrote:
> Generally when someone asks a question on the list I
> reply
> offlist.  It really cuts down on the band width and
> the
> number of mail messages that I recieve, and possibly
> makes
> Ryan's life a bit easier.

Another point of view.  When you join a mailing list
it is usually for the purpose of sharing information
with the *list*.  Posting replies off-list to
questions asked on-list defeats this function and
destroys the continuity of the discussion threads.
Some of us read the messages on the newsgroup where
the continuity is critical to following a discussion.

More importantly, the replies are not only of interest
to the person asking but to all members of the *list*.
 That's why they subscribe!!

To quote Weary, "OOOMV"

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