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[at-l] Data book changes

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In a message dated 4/10/2003 3:22:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
askowronek@mindspring.com writes:

> How much does it change year to year?  I have a 2001 copy and a 2002
> copy, somewhat mutilated.  Do I need to find a 2003 copy for this year,
> or will one of my previous years be fine?

       I'm not sure what the purpose of your question is.  As Walt Daniels
has replied, the changes made to the book each year are minimal.  So for
general planning purposes, a book that is a year or two old will work just
fine.  But the cost of the current year's edition is also minimal, and it
does have some significant changes.  If I were actually thru-hiking the
Trail, I would want to have the current edition of the Data Book.

                Daniel Chazin
                Editor, A.T. Data Book 1983-2003