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[at-l] New York section hike

Damn, I am going to have to get out real soon now and get a messy blowdown
just shy of Rt 301 that I saw on Monday. (full top of tree in the trail).
Our wells have been reporting in good this year except for Wiley which we
shocked with clorox a couple of weeks ago. Should know in a month if it now
passes - no problem treating it in the meantime. Needless to say, things are
kinda wet this year.

I am supervisor from Bear Mt Bridge to Rt 301 so fire away at specific

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> Karen Ross wrote
> >Hi  -
> >I'm planning to hike the NY section of the AT next month, and was
> >wondering if anyone could give me some information on that
> part of the
> >trail - terrain, shelters, etc. Thanks!
> Hi Karen
> My partner and I did that section (actually starting at the
> DWG) last April. In fact 1 year ago today we were camping
> near Rutherford Lake, shortly before High Point in NJ and a
> few days before hitting the NJ/NY boundary as we hiked northnbound.
> Short story: NJ shelters were in better shape than NY
> shelters but they were all pretty much OK.  Terrain is rugged
> under foot but not overly tough elevation wise.  Ridge
> walking can be slippery in wet weather.  We found a nice
> place to stay in Fort Montgomery.  The hiking became
> noticably easier once we crossed the Hudson.  Check out the
> Friars.  The leaves should be
> just coming in on the ridge tops.    RPH Cabin was cool.
> There is bus service (to/from NYC) through Harriman (on Rt
> 17) and to Bear Mountain.  Trains serve the east side of the
> Hudson (Garrison station on the Hudson line from Grand
> Central) and near the north end of the section by route 22
> (Appalachian Trail station on the Harlem line).
> Here's a trip report with the details and pictures:

Feel free to follow-up with any specific questions.  That's my neighborhood.
Walt Daniels may want to add his expertise as well.

Have a great hike

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