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[at-l] New York section hike

Karen Ross wrote
>Hi  -
>I'm planning to hike the NY section of the AT next month, and was wondering
>if anyone could give me some information on that part of the trail -
>terrain, shelters, etc.

Hi Karen

My partner and I did that section (actually starting at the DWG) last April.
In fact 1 year ago today we were camping near Rutherford Lake, shortly
before High Point in NJ and a few days before hitting the NJ/NY boundary as
we hiked northnbound.

Short story: NJ shelters were in better shape than NY shelters but they were
all pretty much OK.  Terrain is rugged under foot but not overly tough
elevation wise.  Ridge walking can be slippery in wet weather.  We found a
nice place to stay in Fort Montgomery.  The hiking became noticably easier
once we crossed the Hudson.  Check out the Friars.  The leaves should be
just coming in on the ridge tops.    RPH Cabin was cool.

There is bus service (to/from NYC) through Harriman (on Rt 17) and to Bear
Mountain.  Trains serve the east side of the Hudson (Garrison station on the
Hudson line from Grand Central) and near the north end of the section by
route 22 (Appalachian Trail station on the Harlem line).

Here's a trip report with the details and pictures:


Feel free to follow-up with any specific questions.  That's my neighborhood.
Walt Daniels may want to add his expertise as well.

Have a great hike