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[at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

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>>>128mb smartmedia 2g

Right, so why does it cost $5.95 for shipping and comes in a box so big you are thinking "what the heck did I order??"

>>if you were shooting at a digital resolution that gave you 60
>>shots/ 128 mb , weight wise you could get 600 photos for the same weight in
>>smart media cards as 1 roll of 24 exposure color print film (36 exp color
>>slide film is probably heavier).
>>If we look at price and assumed we didn't off load the pictures from the
>>smart media cards;
>>128mb smartmedia from Tiger direct $44.99 (I didn't shop around for a better
>>price), I'm not sure what 35mm film and processing runs now but I would
>>expect I couldn't buy and process more than 3 roles of film for the price of
>>one 128mb card ( 2 rolls is probably more realistic.

My sentiments, exactly!!!
:o) Mary

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